African Fashion Modern Designs! SosoMe uniquely combines African Ankara print fabrics to create fashion clothing perfect for the modern you.

Our straightforward objective is to  generate love for African clothing Ankara dresses. Sosome wants to provide you with a shopping sensation which excites and causes you to feel amazing by offering you unique pieces that you will appreciate from season to season.
I was originally born in Ghana and moved to London at the age of 9 and went on to graduate from the Surrey Institute in London with a Fashion and Business Degree, and in time naturally progressed into starting my Fashion Label after 12 years working for some of the most successful high street retailers in the United States and the UK. Over the years, I have worked with accounts such as Betsy Johnson, Victoria Secrets, Miss Selfridge, NEXT, New Look amongst many. 

After years of studying the clothing industry, I felt there was a niché where customers were looking for sophisticated, quality products with a sense of cultural identity at a affordable price. African Fashion at its best!
I decided to grab this opportunity started to build my African wear outfits. Further years were spent involving hands-on training with skilled individuals and building my personal production team. And so, Sosome was born. 

Pronounced So-So-Me, Sosome is an independent Fashion label, inspired by the African wear Ankara Dresses made using African prints designed for women who desire sophisticated contemporary looks, alongside a timeless appeal. 

With quality as a keyword, garment construction is essential to creating unique Ankara Dresses as Sosome strives to make fashion statements with each and every African wear design. Right here at Sosome, our greatest drive is our love for self-expression through the use of African dresses. This drive manifests itself in the form of vibrant, attractive and also fashionable African fashion that can be put on casually, for a late night out or formal occasions. 
We sensed there seemed to be a discrepancy in the market for remarkable, high quality Ankara clothing African dresses shaped by African heritage that last and this project is focused on creating something culturally unique and at the same time similar to other mainstream successful  retailers. 
We offer limited edition African wear dresses which are handmade with high quality African Fashion fabrics; these fabric mixes are exclusive to the Sosome collection and not to be found anywhere else. 
We also offer additional products like the highly-embellished customized 'made to order' bridal wear to keep you looking effortless and beautiful. 

Sosome is an expanding self-reliant company that cares very much about its employees. It provides paid teaching and also a full-time job to locally sourced talents in West Africa Ghana that creates a good number of products. Further accessories are made in London, UK, and embellished products are outsourced to India. 

Sosome is an African clothing Fashion label for consumers seeking high quality African Prints that outlasts short term trends. We offer a vast collection of Ankara tops, skirts dresses, and gowns, jumpsuits. Ankara Jackets, pillows and other accessories are also available in all sizes and can also be custom made! 

The journey to establish Sosome continues with the goal of creating African clothing that is...'Uniquely you'