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About SosoMe

SosoMe aims to be so much more than clothing designed with African print fabrics. Our aim is to create designs that reflect the heart and beauty of Africa and the Queens we dress! 

Our hope is that one day SosoMe, will be that unique shop that meets the needs of the modern woman.


There is a special chicness to our Ankara clothing and we do this  by offering original designs with our special mixed print fabrics fuelled with quality constructed dresses. and creating clothes to appeal universally to modern needs such as going to work clothes to standing out in a crowd on special occasions such as proms or weddings.

As the designer and owner I am involved with every piece that comes out of our design studio, from hands on designing, cutting the first patterns to overseeing the finishing stitch on all the collections along with a small team.

We are passionate about the standard we represent as an independent black owned business.


Our goal for SosoMe is to be able to compete on a global scale! and although there are many brands offering African wear, we believe not only in the uniqueness of our designs but also in the ethics we stand for.


We are passionate about helping to improving the lives of our community and we do this by sourcing and contributing through training and employing in Ghana.

Our Journey is only just beginning and we hope you will join us for the ride!



Designer & Owner of  SosoMe

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