Very African things to do in London

African things to do in London

Picture from Buzz Ghana

I have lived in London practically most of life and of late I feel like I am constantly struggling to find things that match my ideas of what is fun to do!

Being Ghanian born, I often spend every Christmas and any given oppurtnity to travel back 'home' I quote home because, like many I feel like both London and Ghana to be my home, However I am finding it increaslingly difficult to find things to do that match that frill I feel when ever I land back in Ghana and it dawned on me that a lot of how I feel is due to the connections and that feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself is what makes my visits back to Africa so much more exciting. There is a warmth to socialising with people that just 'get me' and sorry to say this but behaviour are similar to mine! I know we as individuals are all different but there is a similarity that is undeniable when I feel my feet touch African soil like the way there is often a round of applause when the plane touches the ground and the roukaus noises that follows when people start talking above the accepted noise level and the energy is just different because there is a feeling of acceptence and freedom with just feeling more at home!

The idea for this blog is to hopefully connect to that feeling and build on a community of people with similar interest and hopefully make lasting friendships.

I want to appeal to anyone hosting similar events to be encouraged to send your events here to add to our list of things to do in London.


1. Lets eat

Ghana Jellof rice

Jellof pic from Buzz Ghana

This event is designed to get you mingling effortlessly in an enviroment that is friendly and relaxed. you are required to bring a home made dish of your choice and a drink that can be shared. Think of the way house gatherings can be.  Events are both home based or at Parks or Cafe's and Bars. To register to be included at the next event just simply drop an email to be added to the list where location and date will be adviced. The events are sometimes theme based and designed to help those also looking to connect with individuals aiming to grow a business or learn a new skill and are all centered around the london area. register quick to be included in the BBQ in the park event before spaces fill up!

Events are carefully currated to blend just the right groups of people together.


2. From Boyz to Men

Boyz to men

Boyz to Men


Not strictly African but because we simply love a good time and what could be more fun than a good sing a long to Boys to Men at the O2  . Tickets are limited so get it while you can at this link 



3. Learning together is better in groups

Twi classes London

Project 1957

If your anything like me and have lost your way a bit and would love to be able to converse naturally in a local language then lets connect and learn and have fun. Follow link or see more events visit Eventbrite listing for classes around London



4. Did someone say Ghana Party in the park!

African things to do in London

Piture from Buzz Ghana

Summer is fast approaching and Akwaaba Uk has some exciting events lined up so its always worth checking thier page out on instagram for things to get you mingling and having fun. They also organise trips away and thier Christmas parties are Star studded and full off energy


5. Time to Shop

Ghana Jellof rice

Picture Credits Africa Market

Keep it stylish while supporting! Check out Africa Market at the end of every month at Spitafields market, check the Opengate website for upto date dates and info on where other events are like the rich mix at Bethnal Green and thier once a year catwalk show that draws in a lot off attraction and also The Mayor of London event held at Trafalgar Square held once a year


6. Keeping it upscale

Boyz to men

Picture credits Sosome


Perhaps markets are not quite your thing, then why not keep the support going and check out Sosome premium made vibrant mix of stylish modern African print fashionable designs at Sosomeshop and have the ready made collection delivered quickly to the comfort of your home.

Online shop is currently offering free shipping to UK based customers for a limited time only!



7. Did someone say food!

Twi classes London

Picture credits African Bars and Restaurants


Whilst we are not going to give you an exact location of who we think is best but when it comes to food, we rate eating out as one of the easist way to relax and meet new people.

Follow this link to see a list of some of the best spots to get your grab and when in doubt just head over to Brixton where the variety and blend of people keeps it interesting



8. Did someone say Shaku Shaku

Afrobeats dance class London

Picture credits from Islington Dance classes


My household loves all things Afrobeats and can't get enough of it, why not join a dance class and get on the latest dance craze in the world of Afrobeats. The music craze is getting so popular that you will more than likely find a class close to  home and in your local area giving you the oppurtunity to mix with more light minded Africans and dont worry if you feel you will be no good at the amazing things you can do with the whole body while dancing Afrobeats because there are beginner classes to suit all.


Let me know your thoughts so far and message me with any links you think I should include on this page. This is just my first post and I need this to be a collabrative effort. Email

Ok I also know my events are centered around Ghana however that is because I am Ghanian but the post are for anyone who have similar interest so don't be affriad to join in as we say back home Akwaaba! and let me know of other events happening that are very African things to do in London!