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Born Ghanaian and later becoming A fashion Graduate of the Surry Institue London UK, I founded Sosome online shop in 2015, to share favourite handmade and customised designs with the world. Who are we? Dreams for a better Africa, love of colour, and a passion for the richness of heritage and desire to put Ghana on the map as a force for design talent. Sosome ethos is to take traditional African fabrics and inject them with a bit of contemporay magic. Sourcing materials from the heart of Africa and redesigning each fabric into a unique combo exclusive to Sosomeshop, with the aim to transform and infuse tradition with western culture.

Every piece of clothing is limited or exclusive and are handmade by a small team.


Sosome can also be found on Etsy and Afrikrea.


Our Mission

To show the world how stunning African prints are and we hope you will love our pieces as much as we enjoyed creating it!


‘From our Heart to you, dress in style the Sosome way’.


Where to find us

Check us out here at  SosoMe or follow the links above to see our full collection. Also follow us on Instagram where you can message and talk to us directly for a faster response.