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5 Top Websites to buy African Dresses

5 Top Websites to buy African Dresses - SOSOME

Head to these 5 Top Websites to buy African Dresses:

With E-Commerce making huge impact in the fashion industry, it was only a matter of time before it caught up with Africa diverse talents offering websites where fashion and styles from the continent can be bought anywhere online.

These 5 websites are pioneers in this regard and customers can now access the latest fashion, trends, styles, and shop to their heart’s content. At the drop of a pin and orders can be placed easily and received wherever in the world you are.

In March of 2013, Grass-Fields (formerly known as The African Shop) was born, inspired by African heritage and love for self-expression through clothing. Founded by Christelle and Michelle Nganhou, twin sisters from Cameroon, Grass-fields was started with a simple aim - create clothing that made one super confident! Grass-fields offers high-quality and ethically made stylish and versatile fashion for women, men and kids, sourced from and made in Africa. A variety of styles are on offer on the site across various sizes, including African print clothing.


Grass-Fields aims to give customers a shopping experience that excites, makes one feel good, and provides unique fashion staples that one can treasure from season to season.

Established in 2012, seeks to inject millennials across the world with a sense of pride in their African culture - folks who love to make a statement and wish to wear outfits that turns the spotlight on them when they walk into a room. The website aims to be the channel for men & women of Africa (& the world) to find confidence in self-expression, to be bold in their outfit choices and shameless about what they believe in!’s mission is to create a lifestyle brand that showcases the beauty of African fashion by merging vibrant African fabrics with ‘Western’ silhouettes to create the ‘African-meets-Western’ look.


Laviye-com features Africa-inspired statement pieces that blaze color& patterns that imbibe the richness of Africa's culture.

A major player since 2016, Afrikrea is a portmanteau between “Africa” and “création” - design in French. Not content being just an e-commerce website, goes one step further turning into a marketplace, bringing together thousands of sellers from Africa and all over the world. Buyers are assured of a safe, trustworthy and ease of shopping experience on their platform. With 500,000 visitors & 15Million Euros worth of business monthly from 170 countries and 2300 new products every week, Afrikrea has simply 1 mission - bridging Africa with the rest of the World.


Coming from Mali and Guinea, Afrikrea co-founders MoulayeTabouré, Kadry Diallo and Luc B. Perussault-Diallo all share a common love for Africa desiring to make Made of Africa products accessible to a global audience.




D’Iyanu, literally “of or from something wonderful,” is a black-owned, ready-to-wear bold print clothing line offering quality, trendy African-inspired fashion at affordable prices. Started by AdesolaElabor, Founder & CEO in 2014 and joined in 2016 by her brother, Dara Ajayi in his role as President, D’Iyanu celebrates African heritage with stylish, contemporary clothing for the whole family. They create bold prints and design unique pieces that allow customers of all backgrounds to express themselves through African culture.


D'Iyanu's long-term vision is to bring positive change to Africa’s textile industry. D’Iyanu is building partnerships with African-owned fabric and garment manufacturers to develop exclusive prints and clothing.

Founded by Ghanaian-born and London-raised Graduate Fashion Designer Jenifer T Quartey, Sosome Shop was launched in 2015 and has since then gained a following of loyal repeat purchasing customers. Sosome Shop is primarily an online platform for Ankara-fashion lover women. Also on offer are a steadily growing range of accessories which include some stunning gift ideas for home and men. Based between London UK and Accra Ghana and serving customers within Europe, USA and Worldwide, Sosome Shop is *the*  place to shop for the latest Africa Print Dresses online. Sosome Shopassures a product for everyone, whether the idea is to enhance one's gorgeous plus size curves or put something show-stopping pretty on your slim body.

Sosome Shop is about premium beautifully made African wear, designed in London and made in its very own production office in Ghana with fabrics & prints that are redesigned to be original and not like anything else available via other retailers. Contemporary fashion with a twist of African culture infused with western contemporary clean lines in vibrant Ankara fabrics is Sosome Shop's USP!


We offer exclusive fashion styles only available via our online shop. We aim to offer clothing for lovers of culture and designer dresses everywhere with an appreciation for diversity and inclusivity by designing collections that fit perfectly with your modern lifestyle. We provide the Latest African Dresses and Casual African print dresses that will help you make a vivacious statement!

This list is indicative but not an exhaustive one. But it is a good place to start with to reach the many online e-commerce stores to buy African-inspired fashion.

Happy Shopping!