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African traditional wedding dresses custom made

African traditional wedding dresses custom made - SOSOME

Traditional wedding dresses custom made  

Sometimes ready made just isn’t right for that special occasion which is why at Sosome we now offer limited spots to book a custom made African traditional dress of your choice. 

Why custom made limited availability?

We want to make sure that your dress is exquisite and custom made with beautiful details inside out and it takes time to create perfect, which is why we only accept a limited amount of booking per year. 

Book your spot early to avoid any disappointment!

How to book

Simply drop us a message online via our chat button or email at with a picture for an instant quote. Our prices start from £500 excluding fabrics. 
Your special day demands only the best which is why we offer a no quibble refund policy if you are not completely satisfied with our work. 
Our only disclaimer is that we do not cover the cost of fabrics.