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How to Grow Soft 4c Natural Hair

Tips for Growing 4c Natural Hair - SOSOME

In this blog I’ll share my tips for taking care of your 4c curls, which can help you grow long and beautiful soft natural hair.

Achieving soft coils begins with the right products. 4 c natural hair must be treated gently from wash day, and the key is to make sure that you start off with the appropriate shampoos and conditioners before beginning a routine that works best for you

Tip 1 

Avoid using any hair products containing alcohol, silicone or parabens. Avoid products that contain sulphates (such as sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium laureth/dodecyl barbituates).

4c hair is particularly fragile, and these ingredients are more likely than others to cause long-term damage.

Garnier Coconut range or Cream of nature shampoo is my favorite personal go to product.(make sure you read all product labels because not every item is created equally and some Garnier products may contain ingredients that aren't good for 4c hair. Stick with the Coconut Brown line, as pictured below.)

I also love traditional African black soap. it really leaves the hair feeling very soft and manageable. 

To prepare black soap, I suggest soaking the hard soap in a container with water and allow it to break down to a soft liquid mould and use as desired.

wash and at least once every 2-4 weeks and co wash in between regularly once a week


What is Co Wash?

Tip 2

Co  washing is cleaning your hair with only the conditioner and no shampoo. This method will keep you hair softer for longer.

I also like using the As I am Hydration Elation conditioner for when the hair is extremely dry as an intensive treatment. however on a more regular basis, the Garnier Coconut conditioner works just as well.

How to Detangle

I have learnt overtime , how you comb the hair will determine how quickly the hair grows and maintain its strength.


Tip 3

my suggestion is to never excessively pull on the hair when de-tangling and it is always best to de-tangle fully while the hair is wet during conditioning in the shower. 

Ease the tension by using a de-tangling comb and brush and be gentle when combing. if needed, finger de-tangle before using the brush or a wide tooth comb to finish the process

How to stretch hair naturally

Tip 4

Once the washing process is complete, I suggest sealing the hair with a natural oil such as Coconut, Almond, Olive or Avocado. My personal favourite is to mix Coconut with Olive oil and mix with Shea butter. always make sure that all oils are 100% pure with no added extras. I always say you should be able to eat it!, Black girl magic was created by mother nature herself and she wants us to keep it all as natural as possible!

this combination is my magic go to for soft manageable shinny (not oily) hair.

if needed you can also add a leave in conditioner before applying the oils.  My prefered choice is this Palmers leave in spray

Finally braid or twist the hair up preferably to allow to naturally dry over night (cover hair with a silk cap or scarf) then release and style as desired!

Also if you don't already have one, BUY A SILK / SATIN PILLOW CASE and always braid or twist the hair before you sleep with a spray of water mixed with your favourite oils and organic Aloe Vera juice!


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These are all my own personal hair care journey  and I really hope you find it useful. All products above have  clickable links for your ease.

Happy natural hair love journey!