Reasons to love Bts

Reasons to love Bts 


Granted I’m possibly very late to join the BTS army phenomenon being that I only started my new obsession 6 months ago, however I can say I officially get why anyone would be drawn in and fall in love with these seemingly down to earth South Korean boys and here are my reasons to love and embraced the Kpop universe.

Fashion and music have always been entwined and being a designer, fashion often reference all popular culture and uses it to create the next must have fashion item and as a designer, I have always been drawn to colour and playful energetic influences and Kpop short for Korean pop music gives you that sugar candid sweetness with a twist of popular beats you can’t help but sing to even though I don’t have the faintest knowledge of the Korean language.

What I do know is that Kpop seems to have revived music of the past infusing R&B and hip hop to blend with modern pop.

Kpop does not only venture into R&B and Hip Hop but also other Genre such as Rock, country and so on.

BTS latest single with Coldplay is simply an example of their ability to create magic collaborations !

Here are my top reasons why BTS are just a must watch:

Fantastic dancers.

  • Every member inputs their creative moves to keep you captivated and their styles are heavily influenced by the King of Pop Michael Jackson which is visible in their live and video performances. Michael Jackson remains the undisputed King of pop and BTS ability to pay homage to his work shows kingship and respect and of course emulating Michaels movements helps to keep the audience captivated.


Visually stage perfect.

  • Although I haven’t been fortunate enough to attend a live show, The magic of YouTube to shows how much effort goes into stage and lighting setups. During early lockdowns of the Pandemic, the efforts put in for the army fans by using video technology on stage was beautiful crafted. As with every stage performance sometimes the mic doesn’t always work well however, they always manage to keep things interesting and engaging to their distant fans.


Speaking and singing in a language that is not their own mothers tongue.

  • this deserves all the applause and for that alone I think they deserve a lot of acknowledgment!

Keeping it real is something they do so well.

  • Social media antics of the boys shows them just as themselves and you help but smile even in your darkest moods when watching Bye

Rapping with the best of them!

  • This in fact should be my number 1 reason for my new obsession. Bts can undisputedly Rap! My favourite being both RM and Suga. I’m just jaw dropping in aww when I hear them spin their versus! I don’t claim be fully knowledgeable of Rap music however growing up on this genre of the likes of Snoop dog and Dr Dre, I just can’t help but feel that BTS definitely pass the test when it comes to Rapping.

Fun Fun Fun vibes!

  • When Covid had us all locked up. Fun distraction was what we all needed to keep things up beat and motivated and BTS gave us just cheerful vibes.

Bts has since introduced me to the the world of Kpop such Black pink, Exo, NCT and more and not to mention Korean drama which is a whole new topic I shall dive into at another date.

Thank you so much boys for keeping us entertained at Sosome. This is why our latest collection at is inspired by all things KPop.



Our collection is paying homage to our favourite boys BTS and all things popular culture for keeping us smiling and not needing ‘Permission to dance’


Rm / Rap Monster aka Kim Nam-joon

Rm Bts

V aka Tae- hyung

V bts tae hyung

Suga/ August D aka Min Yoon-hi

Suga bts august d

Jimin aka Park Ji-min

Jimin bts

Jin aka Kim Seok-jin

Jin bts

J-hope aka Jung Ho Seok

Jhope bts

Jungkook aka Jeon Jung-kook

Jungkook bts

Thank you guys for bringing joy to our world!!!