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About Us

Sosome is about premium beautiful Africanwear, here you can discover exclusive fashion styles only available via our online shop.
Our goal is to provide clothing for people of all cultures and styles, by creating collections that fit seamlessly into your modern lifestyle!

"Not Your Ordinary Africanwear!

Sosome's African clothing line is designed in London and produced in Ghana with fabrics and prints that are redesigned to be original—not like anything else available via other retailers because we make every item ourselves.

We offer contemporary fashion with a twist of African culture for people who appreciate clean lines and vibrant colors.

We believe in producing quality goods, not masses of stuff; once our fabrics are gone, they’re gone for good. Our pieces are limited editions so that you can enjoy owning something unique and timeless.

Our Driving Force

We are a black-owned business that provides our customers with unique fashion products.

Our dream is to grow a brand that supports Ghana by creating a safe and ethical working environment and building up the next generation.

Sosome is committed to providing you with original, one-of-a-kind clothes made from African fabric and designed to be different from anything else on the market.


African print dresses| Sosome shop


Who we are

Jenifer T. Quartey, a Ghanaian-born and London-raised fashion designer founded the label in March 2015.

We are first and foremost an online shop for Ankara-fashion lovers. However, we also offer a steadily growing range of accessories including some stunning gift ideas for home decor and Men.

Sosome is an online fashion destination for women who want to look stylish while living in Europe, the United States or anywhere else around the world.

Whether you're putting your gorgeous curves on display or showing off your slender body, we have something stunning for every woman.

We provide African print dresses and beautiful accessories that will help you make a bold fashion statement!

Printed Dresses

Our printed women's dresses are inspired by the colourful tradition and zest of culture that is our Africa. We make every product by hand and add love and care for our valuable customers by focusing on the detailed construction to ensure all our items are show stoppers and beautifully made.

Sosome aims to bring the fresh and lively culture of Africa to life through use of vibrant prints redesigned to make you fall in love with them over and over again!

We create each amazing collection by handpicking a wide variety of African fabrics which we cut and redesign by blending and creating them into modern dresses. We believe you will not find such an exclusive collection anywhere else except with us!


African print fabrics| Sosome shop


The Ankara Collection

Sosome started with baby steps in 2015!

 Our Ankara collection has been received warmly by its lovable and loyal fans giving Sosome shop an outstanding 5-star reviews continuously across all platforms where sold.

This warm response is due to our winning formula of creating unique African print fabrics and transforming them into stunning modern cuts and designs beautifully made to work effortlessly with items already within your wardrobe because we believe that our African wear should be celebrated and worn by everyone with a love for style.

Sosome African print dresses

Our clothing line is designed to make every customer feel special, infusing the modern women current environment with clothing developed to appeal through our remarkable understanding of every woman’s wish for individuality, comfort, and uniqueness.

Moreover, we use our revolutionized re-imagined fabric to ensure we don’t create wastage that and can leave a huge carbon footprint on our mother earth!

We work hard to create innovative ways to minimize waste material left behind from cuttings which may otherwise may end up in Land fields and burnt.

We bring you high-end premium clothes of the Stella Jean or Missioni level with a conscious approach.

From vibrant casual summer dresses to sensual going out evening dresses to wear for weddings and parties, We believe you are sure to find everything you need right here at our online store with just a few clicks.

Get your hands on all the effortless clothing pieces that are sure to become your wardrobe staples!

To find out more about us, Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and don't be afraid to drop us a message anytime @Sosomeshop!