Rising from the Ashes
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Rising from the Ashes

SosoMe has been officially operating for 2 years and selling through our Etsy channel and Sosomshop site, However, we are super excited to finally launch our first own UK website here at www.sosome.co.uk with the hope to serve new customers globally.

For those new to the African fashion world of the SosoMe brand, So so Me derives from the expression of finding that one thing that you just fall deeply in love with the hope that everyone buying into the brand will find a piece that speaks directly to their heart.

Each of our Ankara dresses and outfits are limited in edition and have been lovingly created with attention to detail, beautifully finished the SosoMe way for all for our lovely and wonderful super fabulous customers.

Being a independent small scale business our journey so far has not been without its challenges ranging from financial difficulties to combating negative associations with Africa and whilst our challenges have been testing of faith, SosoMe still aims to help put Africa on the map as a destination of style, fashion, beauty and so much more.

SosoMe wishes to say a heartfelt Thank you to our supporters so far for helping us to get this far. We thank you for being an African print champion and allowing us to share our love for African clothing with the world and whilst the struggle to survive in the African clothing sector has not been easy, we do it because SosoMe believes everybody should be in beautiful colour.

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